Pangu Network

About us

About us

A local/global and collaborative value network and community of knowledge

Eric Gapihan, founder of Pangu Network, organised worldwide projects for a regional startup that required local intervention of several hundred people at  a time.

To carry this out, the traditional actors in international human resources were not up to the task, complicated by the tight budgets and specific needs of a small company with limited resources.

But like an iceberg, 85 to 90% of the available, exploitable resources in an export market remain under the surface, hidden. Yet these resources are located right at the heart of those markets or  in close proximity to your company!

This resorce potential represents an ocean of opportunity, opening a whole new field of possibilities for small and medium sized companies that want to expand internationally while costing a fraction of the traditional human resources employed through traditional recruitment channels.

The development of expatriate communities across the world and the use of the Internet and Web 2.0 tools have created a new paradigm and accelerated the exchange of information and experience, using skills and talents from everywhere at an affordable cost, even for very small companies.

From this international experience and practical use of a network of skilled workers, Pangu Network was born. Its ambition is to help companies and entrepreneurs to develop globally by drawing on a worldwide network of skills and know-how.

Where does the name Pangu come from?

Pangu refers to Pangaea, the supercontinent that was made up of most of the emerged parts of solid land, rising out of Earth over 100 million years ago. Mirroring this supercontinent, our aim is to create a community that breaks down rigid notions of workability and brings together a skilled population to help business succeed on an international level.

In Asian mythology, Pangu was the first being to emerge from the primeval chaos to create a new world. Although the changing face of the world may seem to be "chaos", Pangu Network uses this new paradigm to create a professional workspace dedicated to internationalising French business, accessible from anywhere in the world.