Pangu Network

What we do

Giving French small and medium-sized businesses new ways to expand their overseas markets


Pangu Network is developing a global collaborative skills network.

This network is uniting companies and business groups with global talents, International Students, Expatriates and Professionals both in France and the world over.

We can put companies in touch with the talented people they need to develop their overseas business. This helps them find unique solutions with excellent value for money so they can act straight at the heart of overseas markets.

This is a new era for business and Pangu Network is at the cutting edge of this, pushing ahead with change.


What do we do?

Pangu Network supplies the resources and solutions for your international development


We identify and match up the brightest talents to provide your business with unique and flexible solutions to achieve your goals overseas and all through your global expansion.

We help you through this process by structuring and overseeing your project to guarantee its success. You keep total control and choose the skill provider or team that will carry out your mission.


Pangu Network moves within a sphere of skill providers to bring advice and solutions specially adapted to small and medium sized businesses. We bring you the people you need at a fraction of the cost of traditional human resource companies.

A mission may make use of one person or an entire team and put hundreds of others into motion in France and at the heart of your overseas markets.


A mission may range from several hours to several months.


Examples of solutions:


  • Translation and interpreting
  • Import/export assistance
  • Market studies in the field
  • Product or project testing
  • Prospection
  • Searching for local partners or distributors
  • Recruitment of international skills providers (students, expatriates, local people)
  • Setting up links and exchanges with entrepreneurs already implanted in your export markets
  • Finding advice and services (such as cultural, legal, marketing, logistics)


Pangu Network decentralises and facilitates exchange and gives free rein to your global potential


We are placed at the cutting edge of change and the opportunities offered by "glocalisation" (locality-based globalisation), social media and the expansion of diaspora throughout the world.

Thanks to our collaborative Web platform, Pangu Network eliminates silos, facilitates exchange between companies and business groups and talented skills providers the world over. We hatch new actors and give them a rightful place.

We develop functionalities that give you real capacity of action and direct access to a whole network of skills made up of men and women that know the language, culture and inroads to your import-export markets.

Pangu Network has powerful leverage that takes full avantage of the indivudal networks of each of its members out in the field.